Castile Lavender Bar Soap

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Vegan Friendly!

Traditional French Castile soap started in the Middle Ages and has always been made with 100% olive oil- any other combination of oils is not considered Castile by traditional soap makers. We continue this tradition with this elegant, luxurious bar, made with 100% olive oil and scented with soothing French lavender essential oil.

The lavender buds in these bars are wildcrafted- grown on our land and picked and dried by our kiddos! Buy this soap and put them to work 😉

True Castile soap features a creamy, lotion-y lather that isn’t as “fluffy” or bubbly as our other soaps, but it’s extremely smooth and moisturizing. I especially recommend keeping Castiles dry between uses because they love to absorb water. Keeping your soap dry on a soap tray or outside the shower will significantly extend the life of your bars.

Contains: Olive Oil, Rain Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil

Net Weight 4.5 oz per bar

Choose your packaging! Our customers are just as eco-conscious as we are, so we offer our soaps with a label or without, your choice!


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1 review for Castile Lavender Bar Soap

  1. sekeeley06

    The fresh lavender is a lovely fragrance in this bath bar. I also enjoy the exfoliation the tiny lavender buds create and the rich soap suds!

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